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Jamie Robinson

Trainer, behaviorist, innovator, author

Jamie Robinson has lived with and worked with dogs, cats, horses, and parrots for nearly 40 years. In the early days before the wealth of information on the internet, our trainer apprenticed under several local trainers in San Diego, Ca; Anchorage, Alaska; and Pinellas County, Florida. All those trainers were a variation of Monks of New Skete, Volhard, CW Meisterfeld, and Barbara Woodhouse.

In the late 80’s to the early 90’s our trainer adopted an Australian Shepard named Princess. This led our trainer to explore the agility arena and she started learning new training techniques and methods of handling behavior issues. This started a journey now known as “crossing-over.”

In 2004, our trainer moved to Tucson, Arizona and started developing a cutting edge philosophy and the methods to go along with it. This new methodology is called Structured Game Training and has its basis in the type of training done in the agility world, mostly by Susan Garrett. Structured Game Training lends itself to every aspect of training and behavior and creates a dog who can perceive and resolve the problems and puzzles of living in a human world.

Currently Jamie has self-published several books: Snake Avoidance Without Shock, Play Your Way to an Obedient Dog and Making Choices Managing Prey Drive. All the books explain Structured Game Training and use games to achieve results in snake and other dangerous critter avoidance and teaching dogs how to live in our flat, complicated, multi-faceted world. The Trainer has also published several booklets designed to help dog owners handle specific issues in the every world of having dogs. Issues such as counter surfing, loose leash walking, fitness, separation anxiety, leash reactivity, and many more.