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Positive and practical solutions to canine behavior issues and training challenges

Many, if not all, behavioral problems have a direct link to the dog’s physical, emotional and mental health. To be successful, any approach taken to address a behavioral problem must take into consideration the dog’s diet, exercise, general health and relationship with its owner.

We are more likely to recommend a stress detoxification program than a behavior modification program. We work closely with you and your vet in creating the dog of your dreams.

Group classes

If you want to work on general issues, basic manners, or other things that many other people want to focus on as well, you can cover many of these things in a group environment. If you have more specific issues to focus on, then sometimes private training is the more effective option.

It's a great opportunity for your dog to learn how to focus on humans first and dogs second. If your dog gets overly excited about other dogs, group classes can sometimes be a great way to help temper that enthusiasm.

Training with your dog in a group class is a great way to build both of your skills, to have fun and to continue to strengthen the bond you've built with your dog.

Board & Train

Minimal usage of crates

Compassionate, science based learning

Two weeks to a year of fantastic training

In our home living with our family

Day Training Available

Simple boarding (no training) is available to clients only

Our Philosophy

I use ethical and scientifically-based training methods. I believe that using the least invasive method promotes long-lasting results with your dog’s skills and encourages confidence in every situation. My goals as a trainer are to always listen to the client and the dog, strive to educate myself, ask questions of my peers and mentors, and ensure I am using the most positive and productive methods possible. I owe this to myself, the dogs I am training, the clients I teach, and the dog industry as a whole.​ 

Private Lessons

Examples of dog training and behavior topics that we can help you with:


Puppy and adolescent mouthing and nipping

Excessive and/or inappropriate barking

Pulling on Leash

Not coming when called and related lack of reliability in response to your requests

Jumping up to greet

Basic manners and obedience

Advanced manners and obedience

Agility, tricks, CGC and Therapy Dog preparation

Destructive chewing

Child/Dog relations

Snake Avoidance

Teach your dog control and avoidance around snakes and other dangerous critters without the use of shock collars.

Meet some of our clients

Our most popular programs


For Troubled Dogs

Empowerment training is about showing our dogs that the environment is something they can affect and control. Most training is about instilling control onto our dogs instead of showing them how to have self-control and understanding.
This program is designed to help shy, fearful, anxious, reactive and aggressive dogs.
Like any other training, first we will ensure that your dog's basic needs are being met. Those needs are the physical ones of food, water, medical attention if necessary, exercise, play and mental challenge.

Whether your dog is a senior, an adult or a puppy, this Empowerment is what socialization should have been and will reintroduce the dog to viewing all environments as pleasurable.

Functional Agility

Preventing Injury and Providing Exercise

Functional training takes us back to the roots of our association with canines and getting back to the basics of movement, body awareness, the flow that should be inherent in moving from space to space and when navigating obstacles, balance, coordination, flexibility and agility. Functional Agility helps provide your dog with the strength, stability, power, mobility, endurance and flexibility that s/he needs to thrive as s/he moves through life and sports.

Using basic functional movement patterns like pushing, pulling, lunging, squatting, rotating, carrying and gait patterns, Functional Training utilizes exercises that improve movement proficiency, enhance performance and decrease injury.

Stress Relief

Give your dog a Stress Vacation

Stress is the body’s way of responding to any kind of demand or threat. When a dog feels threatened, his nervous system responds by releasing a flood of stress hormones which includes adrenaline and cortisol. These hormones rouse the body for emergency action. 

Stress happens every day for many reasons, including learning new things or practicing known behaviors to perfection. Without stress responses, your dog would probably not learn.

But beyond the comfort zone, stress stops being helpful and can start causing major damage to your dog’s mind and body.

Give your dog a vacation from stress and reduce the amount of stress hormones in your dog's body.

Bio Detection

Canine and Feline Cancer Detection

For nearly 15,000 years dogs have lived with and served us as companions, hunters, shepherds and most recently detectives. Canine Detectives take advantage of the hundreds of millions of odor receptors they have in comparison to only a few million for humans. Over the last century, their incredible nose makes dogs sought after by nearly every segment of society.

A biodetection dog is a dog trained to detect conditions and diseases in humans. For instance, dogs can be trained to identify the odor of cancer, or minute changes in body odor that reflect dangerous blood chemistry for people with diabetes, Parkinson's Disease, or seizure disorders.

These alert dogs can warn their owners, support them during episodes, bring vital medical supplies, and even call for assistance. 

Puppy Learning Games

Choose from the large selection of blocks

This class is mostly for you, the human. We will take you through all the stages of your puppy’s first 4 months with you, what to expect at each turn and how to handle it. We will focus on games that teach your puppy and you how to manage shots and socialization at the same time, what training a puppy needs, how to get enough sleep those first few days, and how not to have your floors ruined by pee or your hands, furniture and shoes chewed up by razor sharp puppy teeth.

Foundation Skills

Don't limit yourself to just one platform

Based on the Canine Life and Social Skills program, Manners teaches all the basic 6 that everyone considers a requirement (sit, down, come, heel, stay, leave it); as well as not bolting out doors; no jumping, nipping, biting, chewing, lunging, running away, stealing, and other naughty behaviors; leash manners; doing nothing; focus and self control. Based on what each dog knows before starting this class, the difficulty level will be adjusted so every dog learns more control and more manners.